Could this be the Fall of the ANC?

review with nash Fall of the ANC

By Tinashe Zvakasikwa.

Last week the 3rd of August was the local municipal elections in South Africa, an exercise which also served as a highlight of what is to come in 2019 in the general elections.

The results pf which were not favorable for South Africa’s ruling African National Congress which suffered its worst electoral results since the country’s first elections in 1994.The ANC gained only 54 percent of votes while the main opposition party Democratic Alliance gained in popularity.

This development may mean that the government will at this point avoid new reforms but will try to win back votes by overspending and funding short term “amusements” to win back the hearts of voters.As it stands, the country’s one-party political system may be coming to an end as the Democratic Alliance seem to be at its pick in terms of winning a broader base of voters.

Though predominantly believed to be a white middle class party, it has since garnered support from democrats, black and white. Official election results show that support for the ruling ANC fell below 60 percent for the first time since Nelson Mandela was voted into presidency.

The result of which may likely be more handouts and spending by a desperate party, which will in turn strain the country’s economy. This will definitely not be a good thing as South Africa hangs one notch above sub-investment grade according to Fitch Ratings adding to a likelihood of this elections’ outcome may weaken President Zuma’s support in the ANC party.

Meanwhile, indications show that we may be seeing coalitions as major metropolitans were not claimed by any party. Surveys indicate the DA has 36% of voter support; ANC has 31% and the EFF at 9% in Johannesburg. In Tshwane, polls report the DA has 40% of support; ANC has 23% and the EFF at 13%.

In Nelson Mandela Bay, the DA has 42%, the ANC 28% and the EFF 6%.In Johannesburg the ANC and the DA remain in the same range but a bit far from the 50% majority which might cause the two parties to unite. The EFF has vowed not to work with the ANC but remains to be seen if it will find common grounds with the DA.

It comes as no surprise that the ANC’s top leadership has reported been secretly meeting with the EFF in an attempt to reach a coalition deal. The EFF is currently on record that it wants President Jacob Zuma to steps down as part of an agreement to join forces with ANC.

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