I Wrote My First Book

When You Have To Grow

It was the summer of 2017 when I decided to take the plunge and write my first book: When You Have To Grow. While starting to write felt overwhelming at first, I quickly found solace in crafting a unique narrative as I had my idea ready; a tale of overcoming unimaginable odds. After months of arduous work and dedication, I finally finished my manuscript.

On a beautiful day in late October, I recall anxiously waiting for feedback from the publishing house. Having poured my heart and soul into this book, I was hoping that all my hard work didn’t get wasted. After what felt like an eternity, the email came with approval from the editor-in-chief. On that day, I was filled with immense joy, which I had never experienced in my life before. This was the day I realized that anything is achievable as long there I am resolute in my mission, regardless of the challenges that come my way.

As the book went into production and was finally released, I felt a heightened sense of accomplishment. It was during this time that I realized that the process of writing doesn’t begin and end with writing itself; it requires a whole range of skills, from creative thinking to marketing.

Seeing my name in the bookstores, I was proud of myself for taking this risk to pursue my dream. Everything seemed to come together perfectly; I had affected the lives of many people by sharing my story and my writing journey was only just getting started.

For me, writing my first book was more than just a finished project, it was a personal journey. I learned a great many lessons from this experience. It was a journey of relentless hard work, dedication, determination, and most importantly, the power of belief. Being able to see the tangible outcome of my hard work gave me immense confidence and renewed faith in myself.

I will always be grateful to have taken a chance and written my first book. It was a necessary chapter in my life that was required for me to develop and accept my potential. This experience has set me on a path that I have never seen before and I am eager to discover what it has in store for me.

Amazon Profile: https://amzn.to/3Yk3Ars

Website: www.tinashezvakasikwa.com

Resume: https://bit.ly/3QGJrdF

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