Making A Life, Not Just A Living.

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One may have contentious conversations regarding the distribution of wealth and riches in the world. Even so, it has to be known that there are still some very kind people who are making a difference and that the idea of giving back to the community is still very important in today’s world. Understanding this and doing something too means that we discern the need to make a life, not just a living.

Volunteers, regardless of their direct calling, are an unseen muscle for good. Yes, some are more visible such as Bill and Melinda Gates, founders of Microsoft and Windows, who have vowed that they will donate at least half their wealth to philanthropic causes during their lifetime. They have understood the need to make a life, not just a living and did something about it. 

They are probably best recognised for their relentless fight against polio, and the signs show that the battle is being won. Despite the significant value of their government budgets, this is evident that there will always be room for the work of NGOs and the influence that volunteer-powered organisations can have.

At this point, you may be querying… if I am not a millionaire or billionaire, how can I still make any difference in the world? You may be asking if it is still essential to set big plans for yourself? Well, sure if you are already a millionaire, many NGOs, no matter their focus issues, would love to meet with you and share their concept and mission with you.

But if you are a reliable citizen, you do not need to be a millionaire to make the difference you want to see. In addition to making a living for yourself and others, the answer to the questions above is a loud yes. The point is that if you have time to dedicate to any given cause like say, the protection of our historical traditions, you could offer to volunteer with organisations engaged in that field.

If you have and wish to share experiences and skills and meet new people you could think about taking up a leadership role with the management teams that are working towards furthering any crucial passion and mission.

Most NGOs today are regularly acquiring new skills as there are much training and formation available. Their executive teams always benefit from new energy and ideas, so joining an NGO council or a management committee would ensure constant renewal.

Fields of activity vary from environmental activism, managing restoration, youth participation and leadership projects, events, research, public relations and marketing, property management, financial management and fund-raising, and so much more.

Finally, if you have an interest in corporate social responsibility or own a business, NGOs are always eager to discuss with you how you can help build and nature the country’s heritage. Many things need to be taken care of, conserved and enjoyed by current and future citizens and anybody who visits these beautiful lands.

This will fill your life; this is making a life, not just a living.

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