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Nike Sacrificing Everything? I think that the current Nike campaign with Colin Kaepernick will prove to be a stroke of genius for the brand. The thing is Nike is a brand that just cannot be seen to be on the sideline when it comes to social issues. #nike #colinkaepernick #branding.

What they are cleverly doing is affirming their brand direction. Yes, at the risk of frustrating lots of people. Many Americans took it as a sign of great disrespect. Still, it was in protest of the way minorities are treated as well as an issue with later (normally unsung) verses of the anthem that promote slavery. One guy set himself on fire while trying to burn the Nike shoes he was wearing.

Burning and boycotting Nike products is also in protest of endorsing so-called un-American behaviour. Nike knows this and expects this polarization to help them pull closer to their target market through a clear, shared stance on things that matter. I have realized that more often than not, brands have the opportunity to make a statement or align with their market and shrink back out of fear. They say ‘it’s too political. It’s not us. Too risky for business.’

Nike is reaffirming that you are either standing for something or you are not – dipping in and out is nowhere. The fact is if you are burning your shoes or cutting your sock tops – you are not the market. They are counting on long term anyway. It’s like they are cleaning the house and taking out the trash. They are making this statement: This is who we are. This is who we want. #nike #colinkaepernick #branding

I hear Nike has stood by some people who have been unpopular in the past. Jordan, Serena and now this guy. With this in mind, I also know that the flag is a big deal in America. They’re big on this patriotism stuff. Nike knows this, too and are employing it to get attention. This is the reason why #nike #colinkaepernick #branding is trending.

Basketball’s LeBron James – a Nike ambassador – added his support at an awards ceremony on Tuesday, telling the audience: “I stand with Nike, all day, every day.” In announcing the deal, Nike said Kaepernick was “one of the most inspirational athletes of this generation”.

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