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Making A Life, Not Just A Living.

But if you are a conscientious citizen, you do not need to be a billionaire to make a difference, in addition to making a living, and the answer to the questions above is certainly a resounding yes. The point is that if you have time to dedicate to the protection of our historical heritage, you could offer to volunteer with societies engaged in any field.
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Morals and Ethics Transcend Beliefs: Opinion

By Tinashe Zvakasikwa.
I can never assume to truly possess the ability to understand fully the pain of those people who want to parent and who biologically cannot; I can only humbly imagine it but what I do know is that true familial love which is unconditional and wants only the best for all its offspring, presented with the threat of Solomon’s sword, would not ask for what it wants at whatever price (refer to the biblical story).

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Dispensation Culture Without Transparency and Accountability?

Worse, people are often being led to believe that claims of wrongdoing are without foundation, invented by party rivals or critics to put the government in a bad light. There is no question that the situation over traffic and roads is horrible but lack of good governance ought to be of greater worry because it breeds other severe deficiencies.

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