About Tinashe Zvakasikwa

Welcome to Review with Nash, a blog about literature, writing, writers and other things. This is my website – my name is Tinashe Zvakasikwa though I’m also known as Nash, and it’s nice to meet you.

I am a celebrated journalist, author, and blogger, having worked in the media industry for over 10 years. I have worked in both print and broadcast media over the past decade, and have since been featured in both local and international outlets, earned two honours degrees in the subject, and always bring fresh ideas to my work. I have earned a reputation for inspiring people with my thought-provoking talks and engaging stories.

I have written for numerous publications including the National Public Radio, The Guardian, The Cryption, The Wall Street Journal, The Times, EduPulse Magazine, TecHub.no and numerous online outlets, where I covered everything from self-care to business management. I am also well-known for my efforts in featuring technological advancements in communities and engaging my readers in heartfelt conversations about bigger societal issues.

About Review with Nash

I started this site for the love of writing and because I wanted to share my love for books and my thoughts about what I’m reading and experiencing with anyone interested. It’s also about internet culture, visual art, literary criticism, pop culture, politics and myself. There is also a special place in my heart for stories about loyalty, and those that revolve around history, peace, and reconciliation. Hope you enjoy your visit to Review with Nash.

I share links on Facebook, and occasionally post comments about whatever is going on in my world on Twitter. I don’t often run contributed articles, but if you have an idea that seems to be right up Nash’s alley, please pitch me at tzvakasikwa@gmail.com. You can also use that email address if you’d like to call my attention to a book you read and liked. 

When not writing, reading or working on my guitar skills, I enjoy listening to music, hunting down cups of coffee, or messing around with my friends and family. I also love networking with other bloggers, creative writers and journalists around Johannesburg or elsewhere. So if you’re looking for a blogger/ writer/ journalist based in Johannesburg, or anywhere, link up :)

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