Achieve Positive Change – Use the Fresh Start Effect

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People often start each new year by establishing goals and building positive adjustments. But once we are past the New Year’s mark, it’s still possible to harness the energy of a resolution and create what we can call the fresh start effect to achieve positive change.

The idea that a new year or any other big event can be such a perfect time to make changes is because they give a definite ‘temporal landmark’. These landmarks enable us to take a step back, examine our lives to work out what things we would like to change or adjust or improve on.

So if you are considering to make some improvements, there’s no need to wait until January 1 rolls around. Instead, you just must create your temporal landmark. It could be a yearly function or a birthday, a work anniversary, the start of a new season, or a vacation or something. Whatever you choose or decide, at least be clear and sure on what that date means to you. Also, make sure that you understand what you are trying to accomplish and create goals that are more likely to achieve.

achieve positive change or starting something new is more comfortable with these techniques:

Making a public commitment 

Announce your new goal. If you have friends and family, then try to get them behind your target. You are more likely to be accountable and more likely to succeed if you have someone continually reminding you and checking up on your goals.

Get involved in a group

You might want to think about picking up a sport, or starting a new hobby or maybe start something up, or consider joining some group. Again, think about this another great way to create accountability. If you are worried about letting down other people, you are more likely to commit or do something about it and eventually achieve positive change.

Be specific

When you’re looking for the fresh start effect to achieve positive change, and you are ready to set goals, be exact. If you want to go to the gym more often, know what this means in practice. For example, set your intention with dates and times in mind and put them into your diary.

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