What Tomorrow Holds, What I am Holding as I Face It

I understand that fear, gloom and confusion overshadowed the past year, but I also know we cannot just wish it away. 2021 I want clarity. I do not mean predictability because that requires a higher level routine to establish. Clarity is number one in my wish list for the new year. What is clear to me so far is that the pandemic is not over. Even its worst may not be over.

For businesses, within the realm of many lessons, the many failures and the few successes, there is enough clarity to see our way through this year. Rare would be the possibility of long term plans but pathways for the next two years appear available for the innovative.

I understand that clarity does not guarantee success but a new year is best started with clarity. During this pandemic, we are carving out the framework of a new normal, or we can if we have clarity. Clarity will not necessarily mean that the hardships will disappear. Clarity, however, will make us see why building the right framework demands discipline and determination.

That is why courage is my subsequent wish. Clarity may lead us to the right pathway, but courage will give us the strength to build from the unexplored.

In our imagination, in our wishful state, many new images will appear. Clarity allows us possibilities and opportunities because it lights up the uncharted pathway. But only courage will give us the will to build intelligent, purposeful designs and structures necessary for a new normal.

The combination of courage and clarity has always been the primary force that drove humanity toward understanding material progress, the vision and mission at work.

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