Zuma Ignores Calls To Step Down: -Could he be another Mugabe in the Making?

Zuma Ignores Calls To Step Down

Speaking at a two-day ethics conference held in Midrand this week African National Congress’s Sipho Pityana says if President Jacob Zuma fails to heed the growing calls for him to step down, he will take it upon himself to mobilize society and organizations until he does.

Pityana, who is of the firm view that significant organizations in the country want to see President Zuma step down, said, “There is a broad view in society that he should step down.” “If he fails to do that then I think it’s left to citizens to make their point clear that they’re not deserving of a leader that president Zuma represents. As a citizen of the country, I’m committed to ensuring that it does happen,” he said.

He also urged ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) members and party officials to come out and support calls Zuma to step down. To be bold and speak out against the president. At the same time, Pityana says all South Africans must take a stand against president Zuma before more damage is done, saying his removal will be in the interest of the party.

Pityana could easily be likened to estranged Pastor Evan Mawarire leader of the #thisflag movement who tried and is still trying, to mobilize masses against president’s rule in the country. Of course, there are vigilant members of opposition parties who have long since worked on walking this path, but up to now, they have not harvested, the pregnancy is long overdue.

“Can a society where an unemployed, single mother caught stealing a garment worth R2,000 end up serving time in jail, and a president who illegally benefits over R7 million from the public purse – can that society claim that it is one where all are equal before the law?” Pityana said.

These are the same issues that president Mugabe and his party are accused of. It goes back to the rule of law, corruption, misrule, ill governance by political leaders the likes of Kasukuwere and other cabinet ministers. Zimbabwe citizens are still battling to get the word to the president. I mean to get the word to him and be heard.

I have a feeling that president Zuma might as well try to stay in power for as long as he lives. He is guilty of several charges as it stands. Relinquishing control might mean that he will face the law as an ordinary citizen. Zimbabweans in the diaspora are geared for demonstrations in New York where President Mugabe and his wife, Grace, are expected to be for the UN general assembly.

The protests at the UN headquarters in New York will start on Saturday, September 17th, until the 22nd of the same month. According to the #thisflag movement’s Evan Mawarire, the protest is aimed at reminding the 92-year-old leader of the calamity he has brought to Zimbabwe through misrule and incompetence.

Mawarire, who will be joined by opposition MDC members who are based in the United States of America, told News of the South that, “As Robert Mugabe comes here to attend the United Nations, we will be waiting for him… Let’s refuse corruption; let’s refuse injustice, refuse poverty in our nation of Zimbabwe.”

I look to a day when one member or more from the ZANU Pf, is going to stand up and call for President Mugabe to step down. It so remains to be seen whether calls for this leader to step down are going to bear any fruit. Or they are just going to fade with time as people accept the status. My hope to see the right people in the proper offices doing the right things.

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